Chinese authorities require people to abide by strict regulations to control the Covid disease towards Zero covid. Such as isolating themselves, frequent testing, and being locked up in their homes. It has dramatically affected the lives of residents and their work.

On May 29, female blogger “I’m a little monster” posted that she allegedly lost her first job because her agency knew she had once been infected with Covid-19 when she lived in Ukraine.

After recovering, she returned to China and worked as a Russian-language teacher at a school in Hebei province for a few weeks.

She has taken at least 50 nucleic acid tests since returning to China. In the video, she said: [quote] “I thought since they released me and gave me a green health code, I should be a normal person, live a normal life, and start a new chapter in life.” [end quote]

However, after she told the school that she had been infected with Covid, they allegedly required her to leave the school immediately. She said in the video, [quote] “It never occurred to me that I would lose my first job because of this.” [end quote]

She was disappointed and worried that she would remain unemployed because of this. Her friends also kept away from her because they knew that she had been infected with the coronavirus.

She appeals to society to show more tolerance and understanding to former Covid-19 patients.

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