During the lockdown, students in universities across China have practiced strange activities, such as making paper dogs, crawling in the playground late at night, and doing “crazy literature.”

Paper dogs are made from cardboard boxes. This strange “pet” quickly became popular. Images of students playing with paper dogs are seen in dormitories and other places in the university.

The Communication University of China has become a promoter of the “crawling at late night” movement. The videos shared on the internet show the university’s students crawling in circles on the playground at midnight.

East China Normal University’s students have urged everyone to practice this activity.

“Crazy literature” is a literature form consisting of writings that use words expressing anger, resentment, madness, or despair.

In explaining this phenomenon, netizens said that suffering lockdown too much causes students to experience psychological problems, and strange activities are a manifestation of the issues.

Some other netizens think Chinese students are borrowing strange actions to express their opposition to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) “zero-COVID” policy.

Some netizens think Chinese students passively fight against the CCP with these strange actions. However, this way of protesting shows the cowardice of today’s Chinese youth.

Now, Chinese students did not dare to stand up to express their objections as boldly as the generation of students who participated in the pro-democracy demonstration in Tiananmen Square more than 30 years ago.

Chinese authorities quickly became aware of these strange activities and immediately tried to stop them.

The crawling of students was under surveillance. Therefore, posts on social media sharing information or discussing this new phenomenon have been deleted.

Meanwhile, some CCP media outlets have misled public opinion by saying that students practice strange activities because they want to increase social interaction and that crawling is a way of taking care of their health.

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