Many young Chinese people have said that if only they didn’t go to university. On the Internet, graduate students want to be manicurists. More than 980 with a Masters degree wish to open hair salons.

Undergraduate students were seeking jobs in provincial capitals with a salary of fewer than $417 (3,000 yuan). They choose jobs like restaurant waiters, shopping guides in shopping malls, and babysitters.

For them, university knowledge and parents’ expenses are wasted and they have no other choice.

Lu Buxuan is an honor student who graduated from Beijing University. He became a pork seller after graduating.

Meng Wei, a doctor from Zhejiang University, apologized for making a mistake in his part-time delivery job. He said, ‘I have embarrassed Zhejiang University. I’m sorry.’

Likewise, after graduating from university, Forsythia decided to join Haidilao as a waiter. Forsythia spent most of the time doing the late-night shift. She has to do everything from welcoming guests, ordering, serving food, scrubbing, and cleaning.

She added that managers also have to do such work. They must wrap their hands in black garbage bags and put the vomit in the bag. In addition, if you take more leave than the limit in a month, you will lose the guaranteed high base salary and become a part-time employee with a low rate of payment.

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