Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in China, there have been many incidents due to the secondary effects of strict lockdowns and pandemic control by authorities. 

Recently, a viral video of a teenage girl’s family member reporting indifference to treating patients in COVID quarantine caused a stir among Chinese people. 

Footage shared by her aunt shows a girl lying in bed in a quarantine site, convulsing violently, but the epidemic prevention personnel didn’t care. There were only her family members around the bed. They put water bags on her to cool her down.

The aunt said the girl had a fever on October 16, and the family had been asking for medical help, but none came. Her condition gradually worsened, and she was convulsing violently. Finally, after many requests, the girl was taken to the No. 4 Hospital of Ruzhou City, Henan, at 7 p.m. on October 17 for emergency treatment, but she died the next day. The aunt said the girl lost her life due to a delay in treatment and called on everyone to pay attention to this issue.

As reported by Singtao, the video has attracted the attention of netizens, and many people have called on the Ruzhou authorities to “give an explanation.”

However, this news became sensitive during the critical week of China’s 20th Party congress. As a result, there are no reports from the official media about the case. In addition, hashtags such as “Ruzhou girl dies unexpectedly” and “Ruzhou girl dies in quarantine” were censored.

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