‘Zombie’ Big Whites

Big Whites indicates an army of frontline covid workers clad in white hazmat suits. They include volunteers, medical staff, and local government employees.

The nickname comes from the Chinese name for the white robot Baymax featured in Big Hero 6 – Disney’s 2014 animated feature film. Under China’s Zero-covid measures, this force has become the government’s social interface for managing coronavirus outbreaks. Since then, Big Whites have been the omnipresent figures on the streets and in cities nationwide.

However, as reported by Bloomberg, Big Whites have created public anger. They engage in absurd activities, such as disinfecting empty streets, or brutal behavior like mauling pets, mistreating the elderly, or barricading people in their homes.

A video posted on July 2 shows another weird scene of Big Whites scaring netizens. A group of hazmat-suit-clad workers is disinfecting the streets with an awkward gait.

One netizen says it is a nightmare to see that army.

Another comments that this is like the world of zombies.

Giant pandas have eaten bamboo for 6 million years, fossils revealed

WeChat public account World Wide Web posted on July 2 showing new findings related to giant pandas’ eating preferences. Given fossil study of the “sixth finger” of early giant pandas, Chinese and American scientists have discovered that they have preferred to eat bamboo for at least 6 million years.

The results have recently been published in the international journal Scientific Reports.

Unlike other mammals with five fingers on their forelimbs, Giant Pandas have a sixth finger – an enlarged wrist bone at the front of its palm. It acts as an extra “thumb” that allows a panda’s palm to form an opposite grip and grasp the bamboo.

Once top luxury, unfinished complex now deserted shambles

On June 30, a reporter visited a site and found a major entertainment and resort complex – OCT East – about a 15-minute drive from Yantian Station, Shenzhen city. 

The complex was built by OCT Group with an investment of 3.5 billion yuan (522 million dollars), covering an area of nearly 9 square kilometers. It is a national ecotourism complex, aiming to “return urban citizens back to nature.”

At present, apart from roads, mountains, and forests surrounding the project, there are no finished commercial facilities. Moreover, there are currently no shops in the previously planned commercial streets.

Some houses have been left unoccupied for a long time. Some villas have outer walls falling off. Weeds in the courtyard and at the front of the door have grown into a shambled mess.

Who would have thought this place used to be “Top Ten Luxury Mansions in China.”

Big Whites take cattle away during the night

One more video about Big Whites was uploaded on July 2. It shows some anti-epidemic workers in hazmat suits took residents’ goats during the night and then put them in a truck. 

This incident took place on March 7 in Dandong city, Liaoning province.

According to Global Times, the epidemic situation in the city is still grim and complex, with more sporadic cases from unknown sources than expected. As the nation’s biggest border city with a population of 2.3 million, on July 2, Dandong reported eight new local asymptomatic infections from 0 to 24:00 on July 1.

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