According to TVBS, Chinese netizens alleged that the PLA burned the mountainside in Dongyin. The cause of the fire is said to be from the military live-fire drills surrounding Taiwan on Friday, August 5.

Many people posted pictures and videos on the internet of night shooting. Fiery red dots can be seen fkying through the air and tracers also fell from the sky, lighting up the entire town. 

In the footage, the fire lit up a mountainside and there was thick smoke, and a fireman’s hose was nothing compared to the fire. The people who witnessed the scene said they were “very shocked.”

Liberty Times Net reported that the fire was located in the forest on the hillside between the village of Xiyin Sanjia, Yuguangtang, and the Xiyin Officers and Soldiers Resort Center. The fire was close to a B&B, and people were worried that it would spread to the B&B and three houses in the village.

Lin Dejian, head of Dongyin Township, said that the tracer rounds that hit the hillside before the artillery fire might be the cause of the fire.

TVBS revealed that the military merely stated, “They will fully cooperate with the fire department to clarify the cause” without denying that the artillery exercise was the primary cause of the fire.

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