China is refusing to send Taiwanese citizens trapped in Wuhan since the outbreak of the coronavirus home by charted planes. The number of infections has already surpassed 4,500 people.

According to Taiwan News, the Taiwan Council for Continental Affairs and the Straits Exchange Foundation requested that Taiwanese trapped in Wuhan be given the opportunity to return home on charter flights. However, the requests were denied by China’s Office of Taiwan Affairs.

The request, which was rejected by the Chinese regime, was made amid initiatives undertaken by some governments to withdraw their citizens in the face of the alarms generated by the epidemic.

As indicated by the information portal Foreign Policy, the European Commission announced Tuesday, Jan. 28, the financing of two charter planes to transport European citizens who are in Wuhan, including 250 French citizens.

Similarly, the British government has made some preparations to proceed with the evacuation of its citizens scheduled for Thursday. While the United States government managed to evacuate a group of citizens and diplomats to California.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Bureau, Ma Xiaoguang, issued a press release on Tuesday confirming that the Cross-Straits China Relations Association had received a letter from the Straits Exchange Foundation at 6 p.m. Monday. Ma said media reports on the negotiations for the return of Taiwanese citizens did not reflect the real situation.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Taiwan Affairs office in Hubei said none of the Taiwanese had been infected with the virus as of Monday.

So far, following the announcement of the virus outbreak, of the 5 million people who managed to escape from Wuhan, 7,515 headed to Taiwan, according to the mayor of Wuhan, Zhou Xianwang.

The Centers for Disease Control in Taiwan announced on Tuesday, Jan. 21, the first case of a Taiwanese citizen infected was a 55-year-old woman working in Wuhan was diagnosed with coronavirus after arriving at Taoyuan International Airport, according to The Diplomat.

On Jan. 27, a new case of another woman was reported who was hospitalized with respiratory symptoms and confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus in recent days, bringing the number of confirmed infections in Taiwan to nine.

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