Nicholas Eftimiades is a senior fellow at Scowcroft Center. He wrote in The Diplomat on Jan. 23 that the Chinese regime will monitor the Olympic participants. “China’s national image before the world is of the utmost importance to the ruling Chinese government.

“Why would China feel threatened by professional athletes? Of what possible interest would the world’s athletes’ personal lives, actions, and opinions be to China’s powerful regime? After all, these athletes have not spent their lives in self-sacrifice and arduous training just to spy on China.

“They will not have access to any Chinese government facilities, senior officials, or state secrets. Why then would China spy on them? The answer is to protect China’s image.”

He said international athletes must know that the Chinese regime collects information about them when they apply for a visa.

He explained that athletes are divided into at least two categories at this point. The first is those that support views that the government considers a threat, making public comments at the Winter Olympics to expose the face of the Chinese regime.

The second category is those who openly support the CCP.

The former can make public comments at the Winter Olympics to expose the face of the CCP, while the latter can be actively used by it for propaganda.

“However, no matter what type of athlete arrives in Beijing, their cell phone signal can be intercepted and routed to the Ministry of Public Security of China.”

Beijing requires all athletes to install an app called the Winter Olympics Pass, used to report health and travel data. But the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab says that the app can reveal information about itself.

The researchers found a text file called legalwords.txt in the Winter Olympics Card. Including 2,442  keywords. For example, Xi Jinping, June 4, 1989, Memorial.

Beijing has promised to provide Internet access to Olympic athletes at official venues and hotels. However, Eftiades analyzed that such access would inevitably be monitored.

He also reminded that the Chinese regime would monitor cell phones, live video surveillance systems, and facial recognition technology to locate each athlete’s every move.

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