The Chinese authorities have introduced new regulations to control tools that pose potential risks. For example, people cannot carry farming tools, sports equipment, and other tools and implements on trains. 

From July 1, rail passengers cannot carry knives with blades of more than 2.3 inches. In addition, baseball bats and many farming tools are prohibited.

Recently, the State Railway Administration of China and the Ministry of Public Security announced the latest “Catalog of Prohibited, Restricted and Checked Items for Railway Passengers,” which will take effect from July 1, 2022.

This catalog has updated the categories of guns, bullets, explosives, control equipment, flammable and explosive items, radioactive items, infectious substances, and other items that endanger the safety of train operations. In addition, carrying guns, military or police daggers, crossbows, and arrows is forbidden.

Professional tools such as scalpels, planers, milling cutters, etc., are also banned on trains. In addition, other daily-use implements, such as kitchen knives, fruit knives, scissors, utility knives, carving knives, paper cutters, etc., cannot be brought on trains if the blade length is more than 2.3 inches.

Railway officials said new regulations require that knives with a blade of 2.3 inches or less are permitted on the train, but those with a blade length over that are prohibited.

In addition, sports goods such as sticks and bats, billiard cues, hockey sticks, etc., are also not allowed to be carried. Prohibited tools include drilling rigs, chisels, tapers, saws, axes, welding guns, nail guns, ice picks, shovels, picks, hoes, agricultural forks, hammers, and sickles.

Radio Free Asia quoted current critics saying that officials view them as “dangerous tools” that can be used as murder weapons. But they have a limited effect on preventing risks. The real purpose is to control stability and avoid the outbreak of popular grievances. 

And it’s not just the rail service, as authorities also imposed restrictions on kitchen tools, even a flea market in Tangshan. 

On June 18, the Twitter user “Tragedy In China” posted a video showing many food vendors in a flea market had their culinary tools attached to a steel wire rope. This type of action makes it difficult for them to work and cook. Some chefs have to request the security guard use pliers to untie them. Due to the recent beating of women incident in Tangshan, the authorities have strictly controlled the tools that can cause potential injury risks. The tweet also stated that the purpose of the officials was to prevent gang activities, but the rules naturally apply to everyday people as well.

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