On the evening of November 4, a video circulating online in China showed that a woman fell from a building in the Xingguang A9 community, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Her daughter cried for help downstairs, asking for the door to be opened to save her mother. However, the community management did not open the door due to the lockdown and would not turn on the lights. The incident made the public extremely angry, criticizing the brutal pandemic prevention policy that made people lose their humanity.

The victim’s daughter cried and begged: “Open the door for me, open the door,” “Please open the door,” “Please open the door, I beg you, I beg you.” The sound of her banging on the door can be heard in the video.

Residents in the area also sent requests in a WeChat group, even actively asking people to help the mother and daughter. However, they were also unable to go out due to the lockdown.

They asked everyone in the WeChat group to turn on the lights in their houses and their phones to help with the lighting.

Thirty minutes after the tragedy, the residential area management opened the door. Still, instead of trying to provide first aid, they turned off all the lights to prevent other residents from seeing the scene.

An ambulance arrived 40 minutes after the victim fell, but the mother died. The daughter knelt beside her mother’s body and wept bitterly.

On November 5, the Xincheng police station, under the Hohhot Police Department, confirmed the incident. Still, when asked why the community management did not open the iron door after tens of minutes, they did not respond.

The report stated that the deceased was a 55-year-old woman surnamed Wang. She lived with her 29-year-old daughter, suffered from an anxiety disorder, and fell from the 12th floor.

The news sparked outrage among Chinese netizens. Many netizens pointed out that if the management had opened the door in the first place and let the first aid nurses and ambulances arrive sooner, the mother’s life might have been saved.

Someone asked: “What about the iron gate that is welded shut? Why didn’t you report it?

“Why didn’t the management open the door and offer support in the first place? “What happened? Is it anxiety disorder that makes many women jump off the buildings?”

Many netizens condemned: “Mental illness again and again has become a substitute for sins.”

“There is no human trace in this notice. Looks like only an ant has passed away.”

“The Inner Mongolia officials could not hear the screams behind the iron gate.”

A Twitter account named @lengshanshipin posted a related video and revealed on November 5, “The mother and daughter returned home after the quarantine, but their house was looted. The thieves threw all of their belongings away, and the mother jumped off the building in desperation. The girl saw her mother jump, screamed and begging the residential area management to open the door … Before; we were always anxious to go fight Taiwan, Japan … But in fact, we can’t even open a door … This cry is for the girl herself and for all the other prisoners. The Chinese are living in a cage.”

A citizen in Hohhot, who indirectly inquired about the family involved in the incident, told The Epoch Times on November 5, “It is known that the woman who jumped from the building was positive (with COVID). When she returned home from quarantine, there was nothing in the house, nothing to eat. She had two small children, the pressure was too great, so she jumped off.”

This person said that the authorities did not tell outsiders about the incident, saying that the woman jumped because she was sick. “I think this possibility is not great. That community has a lot of positive cases. The 6th building in the community does not allow food nor medicine to be brought up.”

This news has attracted attention on the Chinese Internet; related topics are on Weibo and Baidu hot searches.

Netizens continuously expressed:

“I will never forget this girl’s heartbreaking cry.”

“This pandemic is now basically non-lethal, it’s only a nasty cold that takes a few days to heal, but it leads to such unjust deaths?”

“This mother, in the last moment of her life, still wore a mask. The hoarse roar of the daughter could not open the welded door. In the end, how many people will lose their lives because of ‘zero-COVID.'”

Some netizens strongly condemned it, “The media outlets have reported on the Itaewon case (Korea) many days in a row. Still, this jumping incident, apart from a report, is there anything else?”

The post on the public account “Internet Great Clever” commented, “Unfortunately, nothing in this world is impossible. There is no humanitarian community management during the pandemic. There is no unit in charge of first aid to save lives, only the brutal control and enforcement.”

The account “Bobo said” posted a document revealing that the community he lives in is also classified as a high-risk area during the outbreak in Hohhot. He once asked the people doing the doors and barriers welding: What would happen if someone in the building had an accident? When the residents in the building suddenly get sick, have gas poisoning, or fire, can the control staff come to open the door in time?? The answer I got was: “We can’t go against what the higher-ups order.”

The author sighed: After three years of pandemic prevention and control, these tragedies are reoccurring across the country, making people angry. A pregnant woman in Xi’an could not go to the hospital to give birth, causing a stillbirth. A young father in Hebei reluctantly confronted the pandemic staff with a knife to buy powdered milk for his son and was arrested. A three-year-old child in Lanzhou lost his life because the community prevented him from going to the hospital.

He pointed out that in the past three years, to control civilians, local officials did not hesitate to lock doors, install barbed wire fences, and even install iron bars to block emergency exits. As a result, they were seriously violating the law on fire prevention, endangering the quarantine areas, and threatening residents’ lives.

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