NTD reported that on June 6, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited the Ministry of Transport and hosted a meeting. Li Keqiang continued to say that both epidemic prevention and the economy must be handled with balance. 

Li Keqiang said at the beginning of the meeting that he must be under the strong leadership of the China Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee with Xi Jinping at the core.

During his visit, Li Keqiang at times put on a mask at the scene. This is in stark contrast to the practice of not wearing a mask that he attended events before.

The next day, CCTV and Xinhua, the mouthpieces of the CCP, respectively reported on the event. But compared with Xinhua, CCTV deleted some statements from Li’s speech. For example, CCTV removed the part where Li said, “cargo throughput has not returned to normal levels” and words like “trying to do everything possible,” among others.

This is not the first time Li’s speech was edited by the CCP’s media. Li Keqiang on May 25, acknowledged China’s poor economic conditions at an economic conference attended by more than 100,000 officials from across the country.

NTD said that although Li’s speech received international media attention, the CCP’s media deleted many parts of his speech that mentioned the weaknesses of China’s economy.

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