Social morality in China is deteriorating, child abuse cases are frequent in kindergartens and nursery schools across China. A few days ago, a kindergarten teacher in Yantai City was found abusing children by cutting the skin between a child’s upper lip and gums with scissors.

Huanqiu newspaper reported that at about 6 p.m. on September 9, the Zhifu Branch of the Yantai City Public Security Bureau received a message from a parent at Jinfeng Kindergarten, saying their child had been injured. The Department of Public Security dispatched the police. After investigating, the police said that the teacher named Liu is suspected of taking scissors in the classroom to “touch” a child’s mouth to keep order in class, causing swelling of the upper lip mucosa. (surveillance video).

But the newspaper quoted the investigative team saying, “There is information on the internet that ‘some children have had their upper jaws cut’. This statement is false.” It added, “On September 10, the Zhifu Branch of the Yantai Public Security Bureau administratively fined Liu, and the relevant kindergarten school fired this teacher.” (video of Liu being arrested)

Regarding the official announcement, mainland netizens have expressed their displeasure, with Vision Times citing some netizens comments:

One said, “It really happened, there is no smoke without fire, usually rumors are true. The more you deny the rumors, the more there is something behind it.”

Another wrote, “A lie has no legs; If you are not guilty, you are not scared of the devil’s knock, the case now spreads and cannot be covered up.”

Some netizens pointed out that the child’s mouth wound will affect his ability to speak and that these teachers should go to jail.

The news quickly spread to Twitter overseas. The NTDTV newspaper quoted some Twitter users:

“(Mainland) is slowly becoming a hell on earth.”

Another said, “This is (after) following the example of the CCP. The more cruel the CCP is, the more cruel the people will be. If you are persecuted by the CCP, you will use cruel methods to fight back.”

In recent years, there have been frequent reports of sexual abuse and preschool children abuse in various parts of China, but these reports are often denied by the official Chinese media.

It is worth mentioning that, the official information said the rumor of “Jinfeng kindergarten teachers cut a child’s upper lip mucosa” is untrue.

One netizen pointed out, “Waving hands? Is an adult, or a teacher, using scissors to children in kindergarten? Are you kidding? Don’t hide anymore, let everyone know the truth, strengthen supervision and management to improve the quality of kindergarten teachers!”

Someone sarcastically said, “We suggest the advocated words in all future cases of knife and weapon injury, and murder as follows: Just to scare, the weapon just ‘touches’ the opponent’s body resulting in injury or death.”

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