A China Southern Airlines recently canceled flight not long after take-off is arousing debate among netizens.

Last Thursday afternoon, China Southern Airlines flight number CZ3488 was en route from the southern city of Lijiang to the south-eastern city of Guangzhou. 

The plane suddenly turned back while it was already on the runway and preparing for take-off. Passengers were guided back to the airport to wait. The flight was suspended for almost 8 hours before continuing. 

One day later, a netizen by the name of “Lijiang Fengwu” or “Lijiang Scenery,” went online and described his experience as a passenger on the plane that day. He said the aircraft was speeding down the runway and was about to take off, but suddenly some aircraft parts fell off. He didn’t know the specific parts, but he heard something like the noise of a tire puncture. The plane swayed and shook a few times before coming to a standstill on the runway.

Fortunately, he said it hadn’t taken off into the air, and he dared not to think about what might have happened if it were the case. It could have resulted in an air disaster. He said after getting off the plane and waiting for a few hours in the airport, he was instructed to go to the hotel to rest.

According to the information from China Southern Airlines, the original departure time was at about 6 pm on Thursday, but the flight did not take off until about half-past one on Friday morning. A delay of almost 8 hours.

The passenger mentioned above said many chose to get a refund for their tickets and take another flight, while others said they didn’t dare to fly.

The interesting part comes down to the reason for the flight delay. While China Southern Airlines said the flight was delayed due to weather problems, one airline staff member told Lijiang Airport that it was indeed a mechanical failure.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been many aviation accidents in mainland China.

In March, a flight also from China Eastern Airlines lost contact and crashed over Wuzhou city in the southern province of Guangxi. The plane nosedived and plunged into the mountainous ground almost vertically. No one among 132 people on board survived. The crash was allegedly caused by an intentional act by someone in the cockpit. 

In May, a Tibet Airlines flight overran the runway and caught fire. Forty passengers were injured among 122 people on board. 

And just last week, a Chinese Air Force military aircraft crashed near an airport in Xiangyang city in the western province of Hubei 湖北 in a residential area, causing an explosion and fire. According to reports, one resident was killed, and two others were injured.

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