Flightradar24 data shows that China Southern Airlines flight CZ3488 on June 9 suffered an incident on take-off. Several Chinese-language newspapers reported that the plane made a loud noise as it was about to take off. Then, something appeared to break and fall off the plane, and the flight was halted immediately.

The Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan reported that on the afternoon of June 9, the plane, flight number CZ3488 (from Lijiang to Guangzhou) of the China Southern Airlines encountered a problem when it was preparing to take off.

Netizen Lijiang Fengwu, who was on the flight, said on June 10 that the plane was accelerating on the runway and was about to take off when suddenly some parts (suspected) of the plane fell off. (quote) “Not sure which part. But I heard a noise like a puncture. After the noise, the plane wobbled and stopped on the runway several times. Luckily it hasn’t taken off completely, otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to think about the consequences.” (end quote)

Fengwu said; that, fortunately, the incident did not happen while the plane was in the sky. (quote). “Otherwise, it would be an aviation disaster.” (end quote). Fengwu added that after getting off the plane and waiting for several hours, he was asked to return to the hotel.

According to data from Flightradar24, the China Southern Airlines flight that crashed was an Airbus A319-112. The flight was scheduled to depart from Lijiang at 5:55 pm on June 9 and arrive in Guangzhou at 1:35 am on June 10. However, the flight was delayed by 7 hours and 40 minutes following the incident. The Airbus A319 finally took off at 1:35 am and landed in Guangzhou at 3:38 am.

Lijiang Airport and China Southern Airlines have given different explanations for the above incident.

The Chinese-language media Xin Tang Ren quoted Fengwu as saying that in the early morning of June 10, China Southern Airlines sent a text to passengers saying the flight was delayed due to weather.

The flight information platform Variflight also said the reason for delaying the flight was “weather.”

However, as Dazhong.com Poster News reported, Lijiang airport staff said: “The delay of (the flight) CZ3488 is due to the mechanical failure experienced by the company.”

On June 10, several passengers who wanted a refund were successful.

Some netizens left a message under the article: “I don’t dare to take a plane or a bullet train. It is better to drive yourself, take a tram, or walk. This is the safest way. At least the steering wheel is in your hands. It’s so scary.”

Since the beginning of this year, there have been many aviation accidents in mainland China.

According to the Daily Telegraph, on the morning of June 9, a J-7 plane of the Air Defense Force crashed during training near an airport in Xiangyang, Hubei, damaging local houses. As a result, two people were injured, and one person was killed, but the pilot had successfully parachuted. The pilot and the injured were taken to the hospital for examination and treatment. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

DW also said, On May 12, a Tibet Airlines flight carrying 122 people veered off the runway and caught fire as it took off in Chongqing, no one was killed, but some passengers were slightly injured.

Another famous Chinese airline accident also took place this year. On March 21, a China Eastern Airlines passenger plane suddenly crashed, killing 132 people on board. The aircraft plunged almost vertically and exploded upon impact with the ground. Although Chinese authorities have launched an investigation, the cause of the accident remains unclear.

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