Is Shenzhen becoming just like Tangshan?

People became outraged after a car hit a man not once but twice, and police said it was an accident.

According to Chinese media reports, on the morning of July 19, a young delivery boy in Nanshan district – Shenzhen was hit directly by a black car while riding an electric bicycle on the road. Without stopping after one hit, the car gained momentum by backing up a short distance, then moved toward the boy and ran him over a second time, causing serious injury.

The police report stated that this was a typical accident, not an intentional act. Netizens angrily refuted the police statement, claiming that the police were justifying the perpetrators.

A closer analysis will show that the black car which caused the accident was initially parked on the roadside, then slowly started the engine and turned to the left. At this time, a delivery man riding an electric bicycle crossed the road. The black car hit the delivery boy directly and then crashed into the roadside barrier, twisting the fence before stopping. At this time, both the delivery boy and the e-bike were crushed by the sedan.

The black car then reversed more than 16 feet, colliding with another vehicle. The driver suddenly accelerated, crushing the delivery boy and his bike again.

 The delivery boy managed to get up and limp to the side to avoid further injury. He was bleeding from the nose and mouth and appeared to collapse after a short time.

The traffic police conducted a breathalyzer test on the driver surnamed Jin at the scene, and the result was 0mg / 100ml.

The delivery boy was taken to the hospital, and his condition is unknown.

According to Sound of Hope, citing netizens, the car that caused the accident was a Volkswagen Phaeton sedan with a market price of $148 thousand.

In a second video, the driver calmly got out of the car, not checking if the boy was okay.

Some netizens are skeptical that Shenzhen has also turned into Tangshan, where gangsters and bandits collude with each other under the protection of officials.

Judging by the video, everyone assumed it was an intentional act, but the police stated it was not. Sound of Hope has compiled several comments from Chinese netizens as follows:

“It’s 2022, can such a thing still happen? Not long ago, there was an illegal incident like the people beating in Tangshan, today there is this behavior of the Shenzhen traffic police to cover the offender. Society is really messed up right now. If you have power and money, you are able to do anything.”

“People with money can take over powerful people. They say deer become horses, and have the right to do things on their own. How can people without money give bribes? It’s impossible for them.”

“Hit twice back and forth, are you saying it wasn’t intentional!? But an accident? Maybe it’s just an administrative fine? As long as people don’t die!? This car is worth over a million NDT, huh?”

“When going in reverse, the car has to reverse gear … Is there something wrong here? Is it a mistake in the operation? The video made it clear, to say that it was an unintentional accident is a blatant lie.”

“Any normal person can see it. I don’t believe it, if the driver bumped into someone and passed by without feeling anything out of the ordinary. The car bounced, a normal driver would panic and get out of the car to check, but this person is the opposite, he intentionally made a second collision.”

“If you’ve never driven a car, but driving for the first time, you can press the gear, reverse, brake and then shift the gear forward, moreover, you did it twice, performed so many operations. Can you call it an accident?”

“Who has a Phaeton license plate? Check if the owner is a skilled driver or not.”

“After two consecutive collisions, the delivery man vomited blood, his whole body looked like he was about to die and then fainted and fell to the ground. But the driver got out of the car calmly and made a phone call without even looking at the person being hit once.”

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