Protests in various parts of China continue to escalate. Following the protests at Foxconn and Urumqi, group protests occurred in Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Tianjin, and other places.

Shanghai citizens even publicly shouted the slogan “Communist Party step down,” shocking both citizens at home and abroad.

Yue Shan, a current affairs commentator, said that Chinese people are no longer afraid of the CCP because they can’t bear the CCP’s chaotic rule.

For example, tens of thousands of workers at Foxconn in Zhengzhou forced back special police. They also successfully obtained compensation. All citizens in Urumqi took to the streets to protest and even rushed into a government compound.

At present, the aftereffects of the protests in Urumqi are gradually expanding. Residents began to refuse to do nucleic acid testing in some cities, including Chengdu and Chongqing. They even voluntarily dismantled the quarantine facilities and freedthemselves.

On November 26, college students in Beijing, Sichuan, Wuhan, and Shanghai mourned the victims of a fire. They opposed the policy of eradicating the pandemic and demanded that the lockdown be lifted.

Ren Meiluo, a China correspondent, said that he has been reporting on China for 10 years. He has never seen such a scene. There is so much anger.Tang Jingyuan, a current affairs commentator, believes that if the CCP fails to put on the brakes and change course in time, we cannot rule out that it will lead to a wave of protests on a larger scale and scope.

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