Chinese are turning to social media for advice about COVID treatment as they lose trust in health recommendations from the Chinese regime and its officials.

During strict lockdowns and travel restrictions, the Chinese regime’s propaganda promoted its zero-COVID policy, claiming China had been the best country to handle COVID outbreaks.

However, the CCP abruptly dismantled the controversial COVID-controlled measures in December, leading to a sudden surge in infections across the country. 

Within weeks, the regime went from warning of the dangers of COVID to downplaying its severity, which undermined the trust of the Chinese people.

Bloomberg reported that people often question the credibility of news stories and social media posts about COVID tips from the Chinese regime’s health officials. 

The reaction against the regime’s advice has become so strong that the phrase “we advise experts to stop giving advice” became a hot trending topic on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

As a result, some Chinese are increasingly turning to online influencers and celebrities who do not have a medical background for advice on how to treat the virus.

Alton Chua, an associate professor of communications and online information at Nanyang Technological University, told Bloomberg that the pushback against the regime’s advice set a dangerous precedent.

“If the credibility of public experts were to be repeatedly undermined in future high-profile incidents, then I think it’d be difficult to regain confidence.” 

In response to backlash from the people, the CCP has tightened its censorship on COVID.

Bloomberg reported that CCP would “increase the rectification of epidemic-related online rumors.” It’s to prevent the content from “misleading the public and causing social panic.”

China’s Cyberspace Administration said they would focus on “rumor-mongering behaviors in areas such as the economy and people’s livelihoods.” The watchdog will also deal with problems related to “fabricating patient experiences.”

UK-based health analytics firm Airfinity estimates 125 million infections with 813,000 deaths since the CCP abandoned COVID controls according to data last updated on January 23.

Wu Zunyou, the chief Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention epidemiologist, posted on Weibo on the eve of the Lunar New Year that 80% of China’s population has been infected with Covid-19. If China’s population is 1.41 billion, that percentage translates into 1.12 billion people infected.

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