As China’s “zero COVID” policy continues, the severe city lockdown in Shanghai is spreading to other regions.

Some videos went viral on Twitter, exposing the situation in Suzhou, particularly people’s reactions expressing displeasure.

Suzhou, often called the “Venice of China,” is 100 km west of Shanghai.

The user @iPaulCanada posted a video on Twitter on April 22. He said the people in the clip were in Kunshan Zhonghua Park, Suzhou. Most of them are migrant workers.

According to the post, they have been stuck there for more than a month because of the new epidemic and are not allowed to go out. There is no food available and, also, no food is provided. If the situation continues, they will starve to death.

Another video posted on April 23 shows the crowd rioting in Kunshan, Suzhou. Military police rushed to suppress the protesters.

Some netizens commented, “Those who don’t want to be slaves, stand up!” This is also the first line of the Chinese National Anthem.

According to the most recent report from Suzhou’s Epidemic Prevention and Control issued on April 24, says that, on April 23, there were 1(one) local confirmed COVID infection and 32 new asymptomatic cases.

The report added that the situation of prevention and control in Suzhou is relatively complicated, and the risk of social transmission still exists.

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