Chinese internet users criticized a couple for letting their five-year-old daughter take the wheel of a car in what they claimed was a [driving] lesson. 

The South China Morning Post cited local China media, reporting that the couple posted footage of their daughter sitting in her father’s lap and driving the car. 

The video showed the couple from Hunan let their daughter drive their car along a road at a modest speed last month.

The father encouraged her, “Press on the accelerator a little harder.”

The mother was in the passenger seat, video-recording the girl driving while praising her, “You are driving very well.”

The police were called and fined the parents $7 (50 yuans) for their negligent behavior, causing danger to the public. The father also lost three driving points from his driver’s license. 

The father claimed to the police officer that his daughter felt unwell and wanted to sit on his lap. He also said he was confident with his driving skill to teach his daughter to drive.

The South China Morning Post quoted comments from the social media Weibo, where most users blamed the couple for their irresponsible action.

One user said, “It’s too dangerous. Are the parents not aware of that?” 

Another said: “Please respect the lives of others.”

These incidents are not rare in China, where road safety is sometimes ignored.

In 2021 the same incident happened in Dongtai, Jiangsu province, where a couple allowed their five-year-old boy to drive their car. 

In 2018, a couple in Hubei province was fined for letting their six-year-old daughter drive a car and post the footage to their friend circles, saying it was “fun” to do so.  

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