The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is known for its brutal one-child policy. This policy forced hundreds of thousands of mothers to have abortions with such macabre slogans as “one person pregnant—the whole village sterilized.”

However, the CCP now fears a future shortage of labor. So they are secretly making efforts to save the declining birth rate. One strategy is calling on newlyweds to “push” them to conceive as soon as possible. In addition, according to The Telegraph, CCP personnel are making periodic direct phone calls.

On October 27, a Weibo user Yunyun posted that her newly married colleague received a call from the Nanjing government health department, asking when she would become pregnant. Then asking if they could provide her with “knowledge to help during pregnancy.”

The local official said to the newlywed woman, “You are married. Why are you still not preparing for pregnancy?”

Yunyun’s colleague shared that she was scared when she thought it was a call from the local CDC. But knowing that it was a call to “prompt birth,” the feeling was even more terrifying.

Yunyun added that this is the job of the calling department. Calls are made quarterly—they “hope the newlyweds will have a successful pregnancy within a year.”

After Yunyun’s post, thousands of netizens shared that they had also received similar calls. However, the blog post was deleted hours after it was posted.

China’s economy continues to decline, and along with the high cost of child care, the willingness of people to have children continues to decrease. Experts say that no matter how the government “encourages” fertility, it is difficult to get results.

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