On November 14, a reporter asked President Joe Biden if human rights issues would be raised in a meeting with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping. She was immediately shoved by a CCP official.

According to The Telegraph, the CCP official pulled on the female reporter’s backpack, causing her to lose her balance, then the unidentified man pushed her out the door.

Levi Browde, executive director of the Falun Dafa Information Center, told NTD that people who try to speak up for someone being persecuted by the CCP or just say something that CCP doesn’t like would immediately be harassed by CCP security.

The CCP official’s rude behavior towards the female reporter shows that, even abroad, the CCP blatantly violates human rights.

Recently, while British activists were protesting against the CCP’s crackdown in Hong Kong, a group of people from the Chinese Consulate came forward to snatch protesters’ banners and beat an activist.

According to British officials, a senior Chinese Communist Party diplomat named Zheng Xiyuan, was involved in the beating.

Browder said that the CCP systematically attacks people in Western democracies, let alone people in other countries around the world.

Browder added Falun Gong practitioners, for more than 20 years while peacefully protesting in front of Chinese embassies abroad, were also beaten by CCP security.
In February, a man of Chinese descent believed to be a CCP henchman came to destroy booths in New York displaying documents denouncing CCP crimes. The person was later charged with hatred.

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