A corrupt Chinese official confessed that he had sought to destroy evidence by pouring thousands of the expensive liquor bottles into the toilet at his home.

Wang Xiaoguang is the former vice governor of Guizhou Province.

On the evening of October 8, Wang appeared on China’s state broadcaster CCTV.

According to the report, Wang Xiaoguang was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

In a trial on April 23, 2020, he was convicted of accepting bribes of more than 48.7 million yuan ($6.8 million), embezzling 5 million yuan ($700,000), and earning 160 million yuan ($22.3 million) from insider trading.

Mainland media also reported that before Wang Xiaoguang was placed under detention in April 2018, he felt that he might be investigated. He began planning to collude with the people involved, using secret codes, contacts, and secret talks.

Wang and the person involved used the park as one of the meeting places, bought private phone numbers, and agreed to secretly communicate with each other by secret codes.

However, the then-vice governor still felt uneasy because he still had a large amount of Moutai liquor in his house, which he couldn’t sell or drink in a short period.

At first, he bought some large jars and poured Moutai into the jars, pretending they were ordinary liquor.

But he soon found that the Moutai in his home could not be filled in a few jars, and even if it was poured into the jar, it was still possible to be discovered.

So he decided to pour the liquor into the sewer.

After Wang Xiaoguang was detained, investigators found more than 4,000 bottles of Moutai liquor in his house.

Furthermore, Wang admitted that he had disposed of a batch of the expensive vintage wines, and that more than 4,000 Moutai bottles had been dumped in the toilet of his house.

Wang Xiaoguang has also faced another crime of insider trading.

A business owner who has a close relation to Wang first illegally manipulated the stock price of the company he controlled, and then informed him of the inside information. Wang borrowed the shares from the business owner and returned them after making a profit.

According to the investigation, Wang Xiaoguang’s stock trading volume reached 490 million yuan ($68.3 million), with a profit of 160 million yuan ($22.3 million).

Wang Xiaoguang was sacked as the vice governor of Guizhou Province on April 1, 2018. Five months later, he was expelled from Chinese Communist Party membership.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said that Wang Xiaoguang seriously violated the communist party’s discipline. 

Wang was sentenced to prison in April 2019 and fined 173.5 million yuan ($24.2 million).

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