Recently, many Chinese netizens have shared on social networks the anti-epidemic children’s song or “Nucleic Acid.” It promotes nucleic acid testing to children, but netizens have criticized its lyrics as too mentally handicapped. In addition, they believe that the official propaganda method is inappropriate.

The song is adapted from the American classic country ballad “Oh Susanna” to encourage testing in a language suitable for children.

Here are the lyrics:

Red tube, White swab
Line up to take nucleic acid together
After finishing testing, we wait for the test results
Just come out and continue to line up to do the test
Stay at home to prevent the crown; nothing can be fooled around
The willy-nilly may get the crown; it is not good to lie on the board

The final sentence of the song means if you don’t take the test, you will have to lie down in the coffin.

A netizen, Morning Good, says he gets goosebumps listening to this song.

Another netizen, KA HOI GUO, comments that the nursery rhyme itself is very cute, but it is sad to hear.

A netizen named CM Mao states this is another masterpiece after “Fangcang Hospital is Amazing.”

While others say, “Save the children.”

“Fangcang Hospital is Amazing” is published earlier, also for children. At the time, a boy performed a song wearing makeup and constantly smiling. That, as well as the lyrics, has caused much controversy among netizens.

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