An online post about newlyweds in China attracted tens of thousands of comments before being censored. The Chinese local government kept calling a couple about when the bride will become pregnant. Many netizens received similar calls.

In a post on Chinese social media Weibo on Thursday, October 27, a user by the name of “lost shuyushou” told about her female colleague’s recent experience. Her colleague received a call from Nanjing city government’s women’s health service.

A government worker told her that the local government wanted newlywed couples to be pregnant within a year. They made it clear that they would call back each quarter.

The post and comments were censored after only a few hours.

One person posted in the comment section about her story, which was very similar. She said that she got married in August and the authorities also called her twice.

The first time, she was asked about folic acid and whether she would be pregnant soon. Women usually take folic acid as a supplement during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby.

The second time, she was asked again if she was already pregnant.

The official said, “You are married – why are you still not preparing for pregnancy? Take the time to have a baby.”

The CCP is trying every effort to prop up birth rates in a shrinking population that’s heading toward crisis due to the three-decade-old one-child policy.

But China’s strict “zero-COVID” policy has dragged the economy down with record unemployment. Life is becoming harder in mainland China. Many young people choose not to get married and not to have children.

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