Apollo News reported that the death of Gorbachev, the last leader of the former Soviet Union, caused a stir in the Chinese online community. 

Many people have expressed their memory of Gorbachev and wished China had such a character to end the Chinese Communist Party.

Wu Zuolai, an independent scholar and journalist, commented that Gorbachev’s death reminded the Chinese people of how he broke up with the Soviet Union, and this was a human’s great event.

Wu assessed that changing a regime starting from the top would cause a country to suffer the least. The case of Russia is an example. This country remained peaceful and without conflict after Gorbachev contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Wu said that a large number of netizens in China mourn Gorbachev, and they are hoping for changes from the top, like in Russia.

This scholar added that since the student democracy movement in 1989, demands for bottom-up change in China have been too costly and challenging to implement. That’s why netizens in China remember Gorbachev.

Wu believes that if Xi Jinping wants to become famous in the history books, he should act because he has the opportunity to make the CCP dissolve.
Wu Zuolai also noted that the current CCP is very weak. Four hundred million people have withdrawn from CCP and organizers related to it. Only a few people want to keep the CCP, while everyone else wants it disbanded.

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