A Chinese mother living in Taiwan and known as “Worried housewife Lia” on Youtube recently shared her predicament with netizens. Lia, who has 150k subscribers, married her Taiwanese husband and successfully obtained Taiwanese nationality this year. 

As a blogger, she creates content sharing about her life and the different cultures of the two regions and has many admirers in Taiwan. In particular, she was invited to participate in a pro-democracy event in Taiwan.

Recently, she returned to China to go through the procedures to cancel her original nationality and obtain a “one-time entry and exit pass.”

Just as she was about to leave the mainland and return to Taiwan, the local entry-exit administration notified her of a “system problem” and asked her to return her documents, advising her they would be reissued on the same day.

Unexpectedly, this was the beginning of her nightmare.

She said she still needed to receive her documents, and relevant officials used various reasons to delay the procedure. 

This means that she cannot return to Taiwan.

But the worst thing is that she is now a “ghost citizen” and can’t do any travel or banking as she has no Chinese ID.

The anxious housewife said in the video that she contacted various departments for help while waiting. Still, she has yet to receive a response.

She also posted two videos within a week, describing her helplessness and feeling on the point of collapse, saying, ” I want to go back to Taiwan soon.”Her video has received 305,000 views and more than 2,500 comments, most of whom expressed sympathy and encouragement to her.

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