After the CCP announced ten new measures to optimize the COVID-19 pandemic policy, the pandemic work was completely relaxed, and many hospitals were immediately overwhelmed. There is information that a pandemic peak may happen and individuals are asked to protect themselves.

According to China News Weekly, on December 7, some experts said that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a large-scale impact within a month or two.

With the upcoming New Year and Lunar New Year holidays, increased movement of people is inevitable, which will cause the pandemic to peak, the health system and vulnerable groups in society will face serious challenges.

On December 8, a military complex in Beijing issued a notice saying that the first wave of infections in Beijing could start on December 15 and peak on January 5. To avoid contagion, from now on, people should try to limit leaving the house as much as possible.

The signatories on this notice are from the Pandemic Prevention Office of the Military Commission and the Pandemic Prevention Office of the War Branch.

On December 7, netizens in Shijiazhuang revealed that the No. 2 Provincial Hospital in Shijiazhuang was overwhelmed.

Another netizen revealed that a lot of doctors and nurses are currently infected and they have also spread the virus to patients, initially they only treated one disease, but now they are treating two diseases at the same time. This netizen said:

“In Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, my grandmother suffered a brain hemorrhage and was treated at the No. 2 Hospital. The current situation is that most of the doctors and nurses in the inpatient ward are infected. Two days ago, the emergency department also had positive cases. When we came to the hospital we were still negative. I heard that many hospitals in Shijiazhuang stopped accepting patients, the No. 2 Provincial Hospital currently only accepts severe patients … other hospitals are closed.”

Photos shared by netizens show that the waiting area at the entrance of the hospital is full of seriously ill patients, they were lying on beds, some were receiving fluids.

This photo is a corner of the hospital corridor. A patient is on the floor and doctors are giving first aid. Another patient, covered with a cloth, may have died.

A netizen in the new area of Binhai, Tianjin, said that there was a long line at the hospital: in the new area of Binhai, some hospitals were overflowing with patients. This photo shows at TEDA hospital, hundreds of people are waiting in long lines. ​

Twitter account TragedyInChina posted a video showing that, on December 8, a hospital in Wuhan was crowded with patients with colds and fever.

Most netizens feel helpless at the sudden change in the CCP’s pandemic measures. Someone commented, “Looking at the different recent trends of the pandemic, somehow I find it a little funny. Obviously two years ago, the mainstream was still buzzing about corpses scattered around the Ganges; one year ago, people were still talking about the terrible sequels of the new virus; Half a year ago, they kept insisting that the new virus couldn’t cause serious flu. A month ago, they continuously investigated the circulation, tracing and quarantining those in close contacts, what about now? They say COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can be quarantined at home, and for 99% it will go away on its own.”

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