Many mainland media outlets spread the news that Shanghai was reopened after lifting the blockade. However, people in this city said things have almost not changed, they complain it is a show to serve the state media.

Vision Times cited Chen, a Shanghai resident, saying that the residential area where he lives is still under lockdown. He noted that many stores are only open for a few hours when state media come to report. It’s like acting for a movie, he said.

According to the Chinese version of the New York Times, Bo Zangbei wrote that friends from many places congratulated her on WeChat because Shanghai, where she lived, was liberated. However, she did not know how to respond because she still had to live in the same isolated conditions.

The Twitter user @freedom_qingwei said that the official Xinhua News Agency reported on the Internet that Shanghai had returned to normal, but the comment section was closed. However, he added that forwarded comments could not be closed, and many people in Shanghai still understand the value of freedom and speak out.

At the bottom, one user commented that the people who run the media in China are cheap guys.

As CNN reported, people turned to the official Weibo account of China’s National Anti-Fraud Center in response to the announcement that Shanghai lockdown would be lifted as of May 16. They left all types of sarcastic comments.

One person said, “Please go after the Shanghai government and let them shut up. They lie with their eyes wide open every day, enough is enough.”

Another user on Weibo replied, “You can fool me, but please don’t do it too many times.”

On another account, the Chinese regime’s mouthpiece, People’s Daily, claimed that Shanghai had been back to normal on the same day. The article includes some photos of reopened restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

One resident on social media commented, “Although I’m not allowed to go out in Shanghai, I can feel a real sense of warmth from your fake news. Thank you, People’s Daily!”

CNN added that most of the comments were soon deleted.

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