Taiwan-based Newtalk news reported that China media mocked this year’s Russian Victory Day celebration.

The Chinese military column “Tao Short room” published a commentary article by researchers at China’s “globalization think tank,” calling “victory day without victory” for Russia.

The article said Russia made almost no achievement in the war, and it is unbearable for Putin.

It even looks down on the Russian army for not being able to fully capture the city of Mariupol, which Moscow earlier had claimed several times to take it down “within 24 hours.”

The article further comments that not just Russia’s initial goal of quick victory fails, but the second stage of taking the Donbas region also fails. As a result, there’s no victory for Russia to declare on “Victory Day” celebration.

Since the start of the war, Beijing has refused to criticize Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Its media reported positive coverage in favor of Russia and condemned the West for their involvement in the war. But the tone has begun to shift recently as the official Chinese regime mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency even has repeatedly used the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine to report on the war.

According to Yahoo News, Russian President Putin made no key announcement about the war during the Victory Day speech on Monday.

Experts had predicted that Putin would make some declaration about the war or declare a modest victory. But Putin did neither; instead he justified Moscow’s invasion and accused the West and Kyiv of forcing Russia to wage a “preemptive” invasion.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told CNN “President Putin has recognized he has no victory to celebrate.”

She added, “He was not able to go into Ukraine and bring them to their knees in a few days and have them surrender.”

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