The Chinese Ministry of Education is investigating the case of fraud after a college entrance math test leaked to the Internet raised heated debates about its security. 

Long considered the most fierce exam in the world, “Gaokao” is the Chinese college entrance exam that determines the future of students in the billion-people country. If students get good grades, they can easily enter prestigious universities, thereby expanding career opportunities. 

According to several media reports in mainland China, some math questions from the test on Tuesday were photographed and posted to a QQ group chat – a Chinese social media website – by a student named “Zhang Ruirui.”

Many Chinese netizens confirmed that the four photos posted by “Zhang Ruirui” were the math exam questions from the college entrance test that day.

The Chinese Ministry of Education said on the same day that it had received a report on the leak, and is investigating the case.

Netizens ask why this guy could bring in the mobile phone to take pictures of the test. Are there no metal detectors, exam observers, surveillance [cameras], or proctors? Are they all broken?

Another netizen asks how the mobile phone can get in while there is a mobile signal detector, and how the guy can take out the mobile phone to take photos and then type it without being detected by the proctor.

One even doubts that there might be some kind of alleged coordination from the proctor in the case. 

This is the second year in a row that a Chinese math college entrance test has been leaked. Just last year, a candidate from Huangpi in Wuhan brought his mobile phone into the examination room. He took a photo of the test questions and posted them to a learning app asking for answers, but he forgot to cover his name and seat number in the photo. And this act was caught red-handed by netizens. 

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