The rigorous lockdown and disease control efforts in China have caused frustration among people. On June 23, a video of a man shouting at police officers went viral on the Internet. The video received much attention because the man spoke to many people’s hearts.

0:00 – 0:08 The city economy collapsed, who would comeback here? I am heartbroken ah, this heart is bleeding.

0:27 – 0:44 You ask foreign countries to take a look, and North Korea has never seen it (like this)! Barbed wire every 20 meters, 30 meters. We are unarmed people, the police wear police uniforms. Dictatorship over the people. The streets are full of police watching people. …Is this still a normal society?

0:52 – 0:56 People’s heart are on fire. If you can’t do it well, one day it will be lit and the government buildings will be blocked!

0:58 – 1:26 These twenty years. I used to worked in government departments, you said the government, the provincial government, and the central government are all blind… Xue Heng turned himself in. Mayor Xue Heng, the last director, Deputy Mayor Meng Wei, twenty years without good leadership. The city is quite good, with mountains and water, what it has turned into! This is an indication of incompetence. Shameless and incompetent!

1:46 – 2:04 The hearts of the people are completely cold. Just what kind of government is this government called? The People’s government is a dictatorship of the people, with barbed wire fences and fences. Look at the WeChat post, and I cried… What crime did the people commit?

2:06 How scary are the cars running on the streets now. The ambulances run dozens of times a day, all to save old men and old ladies. What reason? You isolated the elderly to death!

The 2 officials that the man mentioned were Xue Heng, former secretary of the Dandong Municipal Party Committee, and Meng Wei, former deputy mayor of Dandong City. Xue Heng was arrested on a bribery charge earlier this year, while Meng Wei was expelled from the Party last year.

According to overseas media, the place of the incident could be Dandong City, Liaoning Province. The city is on the border with North Korea and has been under lockdown for nearly two months.

Previously, on June 12, some community residents in the city gathered to protest, demanding the local government stop the Covid testing and allow residents to go back to work.

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