Timednews reported on April 8 that many Chinese highways in more than ten cities and provinces have taken Covid-19 control measures, temporarily closing entrances and exits of highway toll stations. Consequently, China’s domestic logistics is falling into an unprecedented crisis, posing severe impacts on the nation’s economy this year.

Hangzhou announced to close 13 highway toll gate exits from April 10.

141 highway toll stations in Jiangsu are temporarily closed.

Shanxi Province halted 19 toll stations and 13 service areas as of April 8.

Ningbo of Zhejiang Province issued a 24-hour close mandate for 15 highway exits on April 9. Hangzhou in the same province adopted a similar suspension time for 13 expressway toll gate exits from 10:00 on April 10.

According to incomplete statistics, Taizhou, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Huai’an, and other provinces and cities have also implemented different levels of control and closure.

Data from the Chinese Ministry of Transportation shows that in 2020, 73.8% of the national commercial freight was completed by road transportation. The obstruction of the passage of trucks will affect the normal operation of a large number of enterprises.

The Ministry of Transport held a meeting on April 9 to guarantee a working coordination mechanism for logistics with other government departments.

The meeting emphasized measures to ensure efficient and smooth freight logistics while maintaining the normal production of companies and the daily activities of residents.

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