The President of Ukraine declared a state of war across the country after Russia deployed ground forces and airforce to this country. When the international situation was tense, the Chinese joint planes harassed the southwest airspace on Wednesday, February 23, marking the 12th intrusion this month.

According to the broadcast and track records of Liberty Times Net on February 24, the plane entered ADIZ (southwest airspace) twice at 12:02 and 12:04, at an altitude of 6,6000 meters.

On February 25, another China plane entered ADIZ at 8:32 a.m. at an altitude of 3,000 meters. The Republic of China Air Force was on alert and broadcasted an evacuation. The content was: You have entered my airspace and are affecting my flight safety, turn around and get out immediately!

On February 25, the Facebook page (台灣西南空域) and Twitter account “SouthwestAirspace” posted an update, noting that 14 days of entry into Taiwan airspace had occurred this month, as well as 41 broadcast expulsions. The planes stayed in their airspace for 40 days in 2022, broadcasting a total of 141 expulsions. The Ministry of Defense announced 37 days of cumulative access to Taiwan airspace in 2022, with 192 flights.

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