Recently, a social media celebrity named “I’m a little monster” posted a video saying that she had been fired from her job in mainland China because she was infected with Covid-19. “I’m a little monster” said that she had 50-60 times of nucleic acid tests to prove she had recovered, and all of them were negative. 

She claims her company finally objected to her test results, and she was fired soon after.

Sina News reported on May 30 that the topic “Blogger fired because of infection of a new coronavirus?” got into the hot search list, attracting the attention of a lot of netizens. 

“I’m a little monster” has more than 600,000 followers. She posted a video on on May 29, saying: “I didn’t expect to lose my first job so fast.”

“I’m a little monster” recalled that she contracted the virus while studying in a postgraduate program in Ukraine. After returning to the mainland, she worked as a Russian teacher in an educational institution.

But this institution (whose name she did not release) asked her to quit her job after learning that she had contracted the virus.  

In the video, she says the incident happened suddenly. After being asked to quit, she packed her bags and cried. 

She says, “I was thinking then, was it a big deal? New virus infection? I will never be able to work in the education field; will I not be able to find a job afterward?”

At the end of the video, she calls for more tolerance and sympathy during this difficult epidemic period. 

The video quickly reached 232,000 views, 24,000 likes, nearly 1,800 shares, and more than 3,700 comments as of June 1.

Many netizens expressed their sympathy for her experience. They feel that it’s unfair for her and say it is a kind of discrimination. 

Some netizens left their comments under her video as follows:

“? ? ? It’s so cruel. As Sa Beining used to say that no one laughs at a cancer patient, nor does anyone laugh at a person because of a cold. So why laugh at someone infected with covid?” (Sa Beining is a Chinese TV presenter who hosted the documentary “Legal Report”).

“It is not reasonable at all. No rule says infected people will be fired. A lot of people around the world are infected. Can’t they live a normal life after recovering from their illness? Let’s take this to labor arbitration. If they think it’s inappropriate, they immediately dismiss the employees. Some schools have done extreme things, which exceed many people’s imaginations.”

The Chinese Federation of Labor (CFL) is the activity of conciliation and adjudication of labor disputes by the Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission. In China, labor arbitration is necessary for the parties to bring a lawsuit to court. 

Another commented that “This is equivalent to finding a random reason to fire people; even if people don’t have covid, they will find a random reason to fire people.”

“Ah, this is really… Pandemic has been three years, why are they still discriminating against people with covid?” 

“At the moment, I don’t know what else to say. A lot of people infected with the coronavirus are “discriminated” as this video’s owner. She is an optimist, but what about the others? It’s free to provide medical examination and treatment to the infected patients, but it’s impossible to cure the “prejudice” in people’s mind.”

“People (who have been) infected with this disease are victims. Why discriminate against them?”

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