When the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened in Beijing, a group of Chinese people living in France performed art to protest the dictatorship.

On October 16, they gathered at Edemond Michelet square in central Paris to organize this event. They opposed the government’s suppression of the voice of the people.

Jiang Bu, an art student in Paris, said that many Chinese people want freedom and democracy. In Paris, there is more space to hold such parades. Jiang Bu was arrested for inciting state power when he was in China.

He added, ‘We are going to fight for more rights. If everyone doesn’t say anything, China will always be like this. If everyone is bit by bit, the status quo can be changed.’

Jiang Bu also pointed out that they oppose the election of those not elected by the people, whoever they are. They also oppose the one-party rule of the entire Communist Party of China.
He said, ‘If they are no longer a dictatorship, they can legally run for election.

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