According to Apollo news, due to the decline in the birth rate, maternity hospitals in China are facing a crisis. Some private maternity hospitals have declared bankruptcy and closed business.

China’s birth rate of newborns continues to decline sharply despite encouraging policies from the Chinese government.

According to 2021 China’s population data, the natural population growth rate of at least 10 provinces is negative. Birth rates in many places hit a new low.

Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily reported that many urban young people don’t want to marry and have children. So, the hospital’s obstetrics department is the first to feel the chill.

Ms. Gao, a midwife at a private hospital in Beijing, said that since the epidemic, the daily birth delivery at her hospital has been as low as one or two babies per day. The hospital’s ordinary maternity ward used to be occupied by two to three moms. But now, the facilities have been transformed into deluxe private single rooms.

Ms. Gao said that her salary had been reduced by a quarter because of the epidemic. Many midwives have chosen to quit. She worries that the maternity department will close at any time.

Chinese public hospitals are facing the same problem.

The China News Weekly reported in March that the number of baby deliveries at Beijing Chaoyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital was nearly 5,800 in 2016. After the peak period, the figure started to decline year by year. It dropped to just over 2,000 last year.

In Hebei province, Zhang Jiewen, director and deputy chief physician of a local hospital, said that the number of deliveries in his department dropped from more than 1,500 in 2016 to over 700 last year.

Liu Jiangang, a deputy chief physician at a private hospital in Hangzhou, said that the number of deliveries in his hospital was nearly halved compared to a few years ago.

Liu added that the obstetrics department of Anji County Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Zhejiang Province had removed one of its three floors. Facing the same hardship, half of the obstetrics ward of Hangzhou No. 2 Hospital is closed.

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