The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be unable to maintain the ‘zero-COVID’ policy because it is facing an increasingly violent wave of protests from the people.

Sound of Hope reported that a protest against the CCP’s harsh anti-epidemic policy broke out in Wuhan City on the evening of November 3.

Previously, thousands of Foxconn factory workers in Zhengzhou fled the COVID isolation location, thereby denying the efficiency of the ‘zero-COVID’ policy.

Last month, a man bravely hung banners protesting the CCP’s ‘zero-COVID’ policy on an overpass in Beijing.

One banner reads, “Say no to Covid test, yes to food. No to lockdown, yes to freedom. No to lies, yes to dignity.” 

Commenting on the Chinese people’s anti-zero-COVID policy protests, Lawyer Zhou Fengsuo said he expected it to come. The Chinese have started to save themselves. It is a crucial step in the non-violent struggle against the CCP.

Commentator Shi Shan said that the Chinese people have begun to wake up, including employees working for the CCP. 

It’s apparent in the actions of the Chinese helping each other escape from the COVID isolation places and police turning their faces away to allow people to flee.

Shi Shan added that there were no more comments questioning why people who escaped quarantine were not following the CCP’s policy. Fears that fugitives could spread disease have also disappeared.

Shi Shan said that history proved: The collapse of communist states in the early 1990s was associated with great escapes like the Chinese are beginning to make.

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