Authorities of Chengdu city, Sichuan province, have taken over two plots of land that belong to the debt-laden Evergrande, without compensation.

The city filed their notice on Dec. 17, four days after officials of Haikou city announced that it would seize eight tracts of land that belonged to Evergrande, which is suffering from a liquidity crisis.

The plots the Chengdu authorities confiscated totalled to more than 358,797 square yards. They said Evergrande has not used these lands for any projects after holding them for more than 10 years, making it legal for them to seize the assets.

In late November, Evergrande’s New Energy Automotive Group said it had returned seven undeveloped pieces of land worth $203.87 million to the government.

Reuters cited from a source that a government organization has taken over Evergrande’s soccer stadium in Guangzhou, which is planned to be the world’s largest soccer venue by capacity. The agency planned to sell it, as the developer has paused work due to a lack of funds.

The news agency noted that the Chinese government has been reacting to Evergrande’s failure to pay its two offshore debts, sparking a reorganization to deal with its more than $300 billion in debt. The company, like the rest of the industry, has been hurting as a result of falling home sales and financing restrictions from the Chinese Communist Party.

On Dec. 17, credit rating agency S&P Global officially announced that China Evergrande Group fell into default.

On Dec. 20, Evergrande’s share price fell 9.9%, to a record low of HK$1.46 ($0.19) per share.

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