The Chinese communist regime has locked down more cities and districts with fewer announcements. The public is increasingly critical of strict “zero-COVID” measures.

According to the policy, a single case could cause the whole neighborhood, district, or city to be shut down.

A resident in Wuhan by the name of Wu, said in an interview that there were no new cases in the community where he lived. However, Wuhan Jiang’an District issued a notice on October 31 stating that from November 1, there would be five days of lockdown to curb COVID-19.

He added that the Hubei provincial government held an emergency meeting during the last weekend in October to discuss a large-scale lockdown in Wuhan. On November 5, the World Wetland Ecological Environment Protection and Development Conference was held in Wuhan. He believes that the escalation of the lockdown was related to it.

Another Wuhan resident also said that Wuhan has been locked down on a larger scale in the past days, and even without public announcements.

He pointed out that the Union Hospital in Jianghan District was closed on October 26. Medical services were suspended. Nobody was allowed to enter or leave because an employee in the cafeteria tested positive for COVID-19.
Residents of Wuhan said that some communities had been closed. Jiang’an District has been closed since November 1. Qiaokou District has been closed for more than 20 days. Some communities had lockdowns lifted. However, there is little traffic.

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