After the Anti-Extradition Hong Kong protests (2019-2020), recently, the Chinese regime started to brainwash Hong Kong citizens’ liberal democratic ideology to reform and promote patriotism from secondary education onwards as a compulsory course.

On July 7, the Hong Kong Education Bureau issued a list of 21 China mainland inspection itineraries for all secondary schools in Hong Kong to arrange students’ participation. 

The 21 mainland inspection itineraries, varying from two to five days long, include visits to local museums, historical sites, and businesses, among other places, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Foshan, and Guizhou. The entire cost is funded by the Hong Kong government.

These patriotism trips are required for ‘Social and Civic Development,’ a compulsory subject for secondary schools as of Grade 4 in Hong Kong. ‘Social and Civic Development’ replaced ‘Liberal Studies’ to promote patriotic education last April.

Amid the endless Chinese zero-COVID policy, public criticism considers those trips as forced patriotic trips. Specifically, the Taiwanese Up Media stated patriotic education is “a tool to stabilize the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party” by forcing its ideology on the young generation.

Previously, Hong Kong curricula included ‘Liberal Studies,’ which promoted critical thinking skills instead of an ideology-centered subject on what the Chinese regime considers patriotism, incorporated since last year. For instance, one of three major questions on the sample test paper for the commune department provided by the Hong Kong Examination and Evaluation Authority (HKEAA) last year requested candidates to explain certain people’s doubts about the National Security Law.

In addition, the Palace Museum in Hong Kong started exhibiting artifacts on July 3, admitting its effort to build patriotism toward the Chinese Government.

Finally, following the experience of the Hong Kong protests, the Chinese government attempts to drive loyalty from Hong Kong citizens to the Chinese regime.

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