On October 10 and 17, Zhengzhou, which is in the province of Henan, upgraded its COVID measures. Some people accused the government of hiding the epidemic’s true extent, as many people were forced into quarantine. Fangcang shelter hospitals were full, and patients were even left quarantined on the side of the road.

Only three new cases were found in Zhengzhou last Sunday, October 16, but the city was shut down the very next day under China’s ominous Zero-COVID policy. Businesses were closed, and residents were not allowed to leave home and had to take a COVID test for three days in a row.

Local netizens put up a video showing an empty airport and subway during the day. 

There are also images showing some intersections in Zhengzhou blocked by iron plates.

Officials said that the number of cases didn’t go up during the day, but they secretly put people in quarantine on a series of buses at night. 

Residents of Zhengzhou say that silent management has been rolled out in some places. The longest was ten days, while the rest were five or six. Last Saturday, October 15, all communities were closed, and residents could only go out to buy things every two days. There are only a few cases in the area, but the control measures have been constantly upgraded. People questioned whether the officials concealed the pandemic situation. 

A video showed the Zhengzhou epidemic was much worse than anyone had thought. As the Fangcang shelter hospitals are overwhelmed, many confirmed COVID patients even had nowhere to quarantine. They were forced to stay temporarily on the roadside waiting for a transfer. One netizen’s father was even quarantined on the roadside for two days.

This bizarre makeshift quarantine spot is very common in China during the pandemic. 

In a video posted online, there are many circles marked by white powder on a rural road. A lot of people were stuck in each circle. This is being used as a temporary quarantine site.

Netizens said this is a modern version of “painting the ground as a prison” and asked whether or not the government is treating its citizens like humans.

It’s not just in the countryside. In China’s various big cities, such prison-like temporary quarantine sites can be seen everywhere. Albeit more sophisticated.

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