A Chinese company with a concerning background is reportedly supplying monitor technology that uses U.S. semiconductors to the Iran government.

As NBC News reported, Tiandy Technologies said on its website that it was selling surveillance cameras to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Specifics of how Iran is making use of Tiandy products are unknown.

On the other hand, the Tianjin -based firm does not hide the fact that it offers the Chinese government technologies to track and interrogate Uyghur minorities. One of those is the so-called tiger chair, a smart interrogation table.

According to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank, or FDD, the company touted on its website that it provided an “interrogation solution” to Chinese police and courts in Xinjiang. 

Craig Singleton from the think tank stated, “Tiandy Technologies is the most dangerous Chinese company most people have never heard of.”

Singleton added that companies that directly facilitate human rights atrocities, such as Tiandy, should be closed.

The privately-owned company sources processors from U.S. semiconductor giant Intel Corporation. The FDD said in a report on December 2 that it is classified as a “titanium level” Intel Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner on Intel China’s website. This is the highest level of the global membership program for partner firms that offer products based on Intel technology.

In 2018, Intel recognized Tiandy as a strategic partner in the security sector. A year later, it granted the Chinese company the Intel Application Innovation Award.

NBC News reported that Senator Marco Rubio had sent a letter urging the White House to consider placing it on a sanctions list. He worries that Tiandy’s equipment might also be utilized against nonviolent Iranian protesters.

A White House National Security Council spokesperson declined the publication’s inquiry to preview sanctions. The person added, “We will continue to hold persons and entities accountable for supporting human rights violations by the PRC (People’s Republic of China) and Iran.”

According to an industry poll, Tiandy ranks among the top video surveillance companies in China and the world in 2021. Its annual sales income is more than $800 million. The business claims to have locations in more than 60 nations.

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