A Chinese filmmaker was accused of making and selling racist and exploitative videos of children from Malawi to China. The man has been extradited from Zambia to Malawi.

Police in Malawi told VOA News Sunday that Lu Ke, a Chinese filmmaker, was handed over to Malawi on Saturday in the Mchinji district, which borders Zambia.

Last month, Lu Ke fled Malawi but was arrested in Zambia shortly after that. Malawi immigration told Agence France-Presse on June 20, “He was arrested in Chipata, Zambia after fleeing the country through uncharted routes.” 

The spokesperson for Malawi Police said, “He is in police custody. He was handed over by our friends from Zambia. As of now, he has been charged with trafficking in persons, but other charges may be added.”

Lu Ke was a resident of Malawi when BBC Africa Eye exposed him. He filmed a group of African children repeating Mandarin phrases, praising the Chinese, making fun of the poor, and chanting racist phrases. 

In “Racism for Sale,” a BBC Africa Eye documentary published in mid-June, BBC found Lu Ke used local children in central Malawi to film videos. These children made racist remarks about themselves in Mandarin without being aware of what they were saying.

In one of the videos, the children speak in Mandarin, “I’m a black monster” and “My IQ is low.” 

According to the BBC, Lu Ke paid each child 50 cents per clip so he could record hundreds of short videos. He then sold them to Chinese social media and internet platforms. The videos can be purchased for up to $70 apiece.

Lu Ke admitted to making at least one of the videos but denied making the racist ones. He said he did so to introduce Chinese culture to the local community.

As VOA reported, this news prompted a public outcry in Malawi. As a result, several rights organizations took to the street to protest. In addition, the protesters submitted a petition to the Chinese Embassy in the nation’s capital, Lilongwe. 

In the petition, they demanded China’s government compensate the children in the videos because they were fooled into saying remarks or phrases in a language they did not understand. 

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