Recently, a man was caught in Baoding, Hebei Province, after using a knife to break through a COVID prevention checkpoint to buy milk for his hungry son. The case has attracted widespread attention. 

A video shows dozens of police at a roadblock taking a man in a gray sleeping suit out of a police car. He was handcuffed with both hands. After that, a dozen officers in black uniforms showed up. One police stepped forward, trying to adjust the man’s mask as it did not cover his nostrils, but other police stopped him, shouting: 

“Don’t move, let him do it himself.” 

With his mask only covering half his face, a policeman came forward and sprayed disinfectant all over his body from top to bottom, including directly to his exposed nostrils. 

People showed sympathy for the man on social media. They also criticized the government’s one-size-fits-all measure under the strict Zero-COVID policy. 

One netizen said that it is worth it to break the law for your child, even if it’s just to buy milk powder. Another person asked why buying milk powder is also against the law, and treated this father with handcuffs and sprayed disinfectant on him.

Another said that this father may have tried many times to get help but failed. Money might not help in many cases. Normal life has been affected, and this is a case of desperation. 

If there was a way to get the necessary supplies, would he still have to use a knife to pass the checkpoint?

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