The city of Shenzhen is China’s factory hub in Guangdong province, bordering Hong Kong.

Starting from June 25, Shenzhen will shut down Futian district  – home to the city’s government and Municipal Committee, as well as the central business district. This district also stays right at the side of Hongkong. The control measures will take effect within three days and will be adjusted to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.

Accordingly, citizens are required to have 24-hour nucleic acid negative test, shortened from the previous 48 hours.

Following the new order, all takeaways and express deliveries will not be allowed to enter the community area and urban village.

The order also strengthens social control and strictly limits the gathering of people.

On the same day, several subway station lines and buses in Shenzhen will be suspended.

Huaqiangbei is a subdistrict of Futian district, Shenzhen city. It is known as the largest electronic trading market in China. A video uploaded on June 25 shows that some workers are busy erecting barricades around the Huaqiang Electronics World area overnight. Merchants in this area had to suspend business for at least three days. [Video]

Netizens lamented that the epidemic in Shenzhen had been repeated. If this continues, more and more merchants will go bankrupt, and employees will lose their jobs. 

In response to the video, one Weibo user wrote: China’s dynamic clearing policy is to ‘clear’ the epidemic as well as people’s bank deposits

Another commented: ​​Who [can] survives repeated lockdowns

Recently, the epidemic in Shenzhen has rebounded again, and there have been many confirmed Covid-19 cases in Futian and Luohu districts. 

Shenzhen reported seven local cases on Friday and four local cases on Saturday. All of these cases were found in Futian district, except for one case in Luohu district on Saturday.

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