Luo Changping is a social media influencer and a well-known investigative journalist. Recently, Luo was sentenced to seven months in prison. The court also ordered him to apologize publicly on many news sites and papers.

The verdict came after Luo made defamatory comments about Chinese soldiers in The Battle at Lake Changjin film in October of last year.

According to Global Times, on May 5, Luo was jailed for allegedly violating heroes and martyrs’ dignity and reputation.

In the film, Chinese soldiers confront American forces in the Korean War amid freezing weather. Then, a company of Chinese People’s Volunteers soldiers was frozen to death.

The company was thus titled “Bingdiaolian” (meaning “ice sculpture company”). However, Luo insulted and defamed the martyrs by using the pun “Shadiaolian” (meaning “silly company”).

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