The Chinese Embassy in France tweeted three videos on June 21 and 22 with the theme “Taiwan is not Ukraine.” The action sparked a heated discussion.

The anchor claimed that the Taiwan-China affair and the Ukraine-Russia issue are different things. She said that Taiwan has belonged to China since ancient times, while the other issue is a dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

After the post was made public, most netizens didn’t agree with these statements. One of them commented that at least since 1949, no laws passed by Beijing have been applied to Taiwan. Another added that if China invades Taiwan, it will face boycott and sanctions from the world. Take Russia, as an example.

According to Radio Free Asia, Xue Yachu, president of the French Taiwan Association, also responded that “Taiwan is not Ukraine, but China must be Russia.” 

Xue Yachu said that both China and Russia are totalitarian regimes, not democratic countries. That is why the ruler can manipulate the people and the media.

Radio Free Asia reported that Ni Yaling, the senior researcher of the French Foundation for Strategic Studies, also claimed that the People’s Republic of China has never controlled Taiwan, so China cannot say that Taiwan will be reunified.

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