The Chinese Communist Party’s “zero-COVID” policy is causing more and more funny and sad stories. Some places even require people to wear masks when eating. NTDTV reported on October 2 that, a video posted on the internet shows Chinese elementary school students eating lunch in class without taking off their masks.

In the video, the elementary school students are sitting in a classroom using the same utensils to eat. Except for a very small number of students, others wear masks to eat. Every time they take a bite, they move the mask, put food in their mouths and then replace the mask.

Students wearing masks to eat shows that this is clearly the “initiative” of the school.

The video has sparked heated discussions on the internet, with netizens criticizing the absurdity of the regime’s “pandemic prevention.” According to NTDTV, some netizens believe that the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy is not to prevent the pandemic, but to strengthen social control and train the population to “submit to its power.”

Before that, a video recording of a policeman making an example of wearing a mask while eating for customers at a restaurant, was criticized by netizens as “crazy.”

Some policemen even went into a restaurant and asked the owner, who was dining alone, to wear a mask. The owner, after hearing these unreasonable demands, was very angry and scolded the policemen for not giving the restaurant time to breathe.

NTDTV revealed that, after netizens posted the video on the internet, they received death threats suspected to be from state employees.

Someone came up with an idea and invented a mask with a beak to solve the urgent need to eat outside of people. The video shows that the mask looks like a bird’s beak. The “bird’s beak” opens when putting food in then closes so you can chew.

However, it’s not clear why the video was posted. Was it to cooperate with pandemic prevention and control measures or just to mock this incident.

In addition, at the time of the outbreak, some Chinese schools arranged for elementary school students to alternate meals. A video shows that half of the students are eating, each table is divided: one person eats, the other must wear a mask and wait for the next turn to eat. Some schools even forced students to stand in line outside and keep their distance when eating.

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