Recently, in some places in China, there have been a few changes in nucleic acid testing policy. It has led to speculation the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is preparing to loosen its ‘zero-COVID’ policy, which has been condemned as too extreme.

For example, on November 1, Guizhou East Railway and Guangxi North Railway issued notices stating that, unless traveling to Beijing, customers will not need to present a negative nucleic acid test certificate.

In addition, some regions in Guizhou, Sichuan, and other provinces have canceled the nucleic acid test papers requirement. Some netizens speculated that this could be a step toward returning to everyday life.

However, these speculations may have been overly optimistic—the Chinese people’s dream of returning to their former way of life before COVID faces an obstinate CCP.

According to Sound of Hope, on November 2, the CCP’s National Health Commission held a meeting with party members and officials working for central-affiliated agencies.

The conference emphasized that all must be “cautious to the end” in COVID prevention and control work and resolutely adhere to the Party’s pandemic prevention and control policy.

In addition, a netizen recently shared information that inadvertently matched the statement made during the conference of the National Health Commission.

This netizen said that a friend told him the factory where his friend works had received many orders for producing nucleic acid testing equipment. To fulfill the orders, the factory must work at total capacity for the next six months.

Da Ji Yuan reported a slight easing in epidemic prevention and control in some places as above is for the Chinese authorities to appease people to maintain economic and social stability. Meanwhile, the pursuit target of Chinese leaders is still the ‘zero-COVID’ policy.

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