On December 10, NTDTV reported that Zhou Xiang, the deputy director of the Children’s Medical Department of Guangxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital, was convicted of stealing and selling newborn children.

It was reported that Zhou and others sold babies and young children in secret in April this year and reportedly had been involved in illegal surrogacy business activities in Nanning City since 2019. 

They were convicted of child abduction and trafficking and sentenced to six years in prison. 

They hid the existence of twins from the mothers and their families by altering B-ultrasound orders. They then planned to sell one of the babies after birth and collected a deposit from the buyers.

On November 29, A decision by the Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region about the expulsion of Zhou Xiang from the Department of Child Health Care and the Department of Pediatrics for Developmental Behavior was published.

The decision stated the crime of “modifying the B-ultrasound sheet and other behaviors, concealing the truth about the “twins” from their mother, and planning to sell one of the babies to others after birth.” 

Zhou Xiang is one of many involved in this case. In May, The Xingning District Court of Nanning City concluded Pan Qifeng and Zhou Xiang were the main culprits in this baby trafficking.

The Nanning Municipal Bureau of Justice reported that the court found that Pan Qifeng and Zhou Xiang sheltered many foreign women in Nanning City while engaging in illegal surrogacy business activities.

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